“Shoot the Craw” is a powerhouse 5 piece all live band fronted by a dynamic female vocalist , playing classic and modern Rock & Soul with Glasgow grit. Superb music with attitude.


Updates … what updates?

A really big SORRYYYY folks for the lack of updates.  Work and life generally, including the band with loads of gigs, has been very busy.  Not a bad complaint to have.

If you have a wee trawl through though you will find new video, the gig list has been updated – with a warning that should the next update fall behind to check out our Facebook, “friend” us and keep up to date with the latest that we’ve been up to (Facebook is always 100% up-to-date and we do like to chat to people we meet, which you can’t do on this website).  So Friend us.  And we can have a blether.

Meantime, keep on rockin. Hopefully catch you at one of our gigs soon.

Marj and SHOOT THE CRAW boys


Gigs June to December 14

Well we gotta say goodbye to the summer … and hello 2014

And what a summer it has been.  The weather has been freakin awesome, the best for years and the gigs have been out of this world.  In fact, what a really busy year it has been for Shoot the Craw so far. Tons of brilliant gigs, rockin out to great music and meeting all you amazing and lovely people.

But, it’s come to that time of year again. Where we’ve bought ourselves a shiny new diary for the coming year and by god are we on a mission to fill it.  And fill it we are.  You’ll be glad to know that gigs are coming in thick and fast, from our regular venues and we’re also adding some new venues into our roster as well, places we have been recommended to play by friends of ours/other bands and people who have heard what a great night we put on in some of the other places we’ve played.

If YOU want us to come and play in your local in 2014, get them to contact us (numbers and email on the contact page) or get us through our Facebook page here.

We will be updating our gigs page in the coming weeks once things settle down.

Meanwhile, enjoy our latest video on the Video page of us doing “Rosalie” at the legendary Cartvale Bar a couple of weeks ago


Shoot the Craw is absolutely DELIGHTED to be headlining this marvellous event.  It’s a double header with ourselves and our very good friends The Resonators Rockband, the lead singer of which is actually the husband of our lead singer!!  A very unique gig, one of which I hope you will all come to.  We’re tremendously excited about it.

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ROCK FOR MALAWI – Sat 8 June 2013 – Sports & Recreation Hall, Fintry

This is THE Rock Event of 2013!! From two of Scotland’s best and most popular rock covers bands – Shoot the Craw and The Resonators – who uniquely have …come together to help raise money for this very special charity (details of charity below). This is the Big One folks.

Not only is this event unique in that both bands are coming together for this worthy charity, but it’s also a totally unique opportunity for family, friends and fans of both bands to see them both perform in the same stage in the same venue on the same night, which is also unique because the lead singers of both bands are actually husband and wife! This has never happened before and may never happen again so make sure you get your ticket.

This is a fully staged concert in a 600 capacity venue, professional concert PA in one huge rockfest. A brilliant wee getaway summer Jolly!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shoot the Craw is a powerhouse 5 piece all live band fronted by a kick-ass female vocalist, playing classic and modern Rock & Soul with Glasgow grit. Superb music with attitude.
Facebook Search – Shoot TheCraw

Songlist includes songs by: AC/DC, Frankie Miller, Queen, Bad Company, ELO, Alice Cooper, Primal Scream, Nazareth, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Rolling Stones and many many more.

The Resonators Rockband is a 5pc rock and blues band from Clydebank. Prolific musicianship with songs from the rock and blues songbook in a dynamic stage show which will thrill and amaze.
Facebook Search: TheResonators Rockband

Songlist includes songs by: Dr Feelgood, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Blues Band, Led Zeppelin, Paul Carrack, Tom Petty and many many more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The aim of the project is to raise funds which will allow pupils of Balfron High to travel to a school in Malawi. This will create a lasting impact on both schools, and we hope to develop projects which shall greatly improve the education in this school.

The theme of the exchange is “Cross-cultural learning”.

Aims and objectives include:

* Develop global citizenship, through growth of tolerance and developing an understanding of injustice and inequality exist.

* To dispel misconcept about culture and society, both in Malawi and in Scotland.

* Create an enviroment for teachers and supporting staff learning and working together.

* To create an overall improved learning experience, and quality of education for all pupils.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Saturday 8th June 2013


Sports & Recreation Hall, Kippen Road, Fintry


Tickets are £10 (plus booking fee when booking online)

Ticketline: 07710 800067
Book Online: rockformalawi.ticketsource.co.uk

For more information on the event:


Depending on interest in this, there may be bus(es) running to this event from locations possibly 1. Anniesland/Clydebank/Old Kilpatrick/Renfrew area in the West 2. Kirkintilloch/Lenzie/Balfron/Buchlyvie in the North and 3. possibly another in Glasgow South.

To show an interest in this and in order to get numbers, determine cost (and find out if it’s feasible), please send a private message via Facebook to Andy Massie or Marj Massie for 1. and 3. and to Bert Comrie for 2.

Waterside Inn, Largs – great wee pub

Another Monday and another weekend of being totally Rocked Out.

If you’re ever in Largs and fancy some live music of a weekend in a cracking friendly atmosphere, you can do no better than to drop by the Waterside Inn on Bath St.  We played this venue for the first time on Saturday and were knocked out by the fantastic reception we received from the music-loving punters who frequent it.  A great mix of ages but all there with one aim – to enjoy themselves.  As well as the band on offer, it’s the punters who create the atmosphere.  We like to get involved and a good deal of banter is the order of the day apart from the music and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest with our visit, despite having reservations about the size of the place and if we would fit into it physically.  But once we were in, the gig itself was an absolute pleasure.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak to us. Menshie to Ronnie and family (the silent majority Ronnie eh), Jean the birthday girl and not forgetting Brian and staff for looking after us.

Looking forward to our return visit in June already – though think will be bringing a fan for the heat – and no I’ll refrain from any jokes about blow jobs.

See you all in June.


Bar Bliss – March 2013

Promised you an update if we managed to get any footerage. So here it is.

JEEZO!! What a night! Best fun wi ma claes oan for a long time.

Kudos to the brilliant punters who obviously love their rock music. Thanks for the Joe Cocker CD and yes we are interested in coming to the place that you mentioned to play.  Also thanks to the Clydebank Biker Chick and yes too defo interested in that one as well.  Hit us with some dates.

Here’s a wee snippet of the evening’s shenanigans.  If you were there THANKS and I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.  You were an awesome audience.

If ye wurny there – TOUGH TITTIES EH!! Haha


Come on Down to Bar Bliss Tonight

Sorry for the lack of updates on the website.  Busy busy and hardly a minute.  Just a short update to say we’re in Bar Bliss in Kirkintilloch tonight if Craws fans fancy flying over that way.  It’s our first visit and we’re looking forward to it.  Will also attempt to get some new live footage for the website.  Let’s hope the video on the new phone is OK and no distortion of the audio which can happen.  Soon find out.  Another update tomorrow to follow if it all works out.  See, we’re like buses. No updates for ages then 2 at once lol.

Laters x

Sammy Dows anyone?

Well that’s the holidays well and truly over for 2012.  No more sun til next year sometime I suspect.  But we are wee rays of sunshine here in the Craw’s HQ and we’ll hopefully be bringing smiles to your faces with our … not one, not two but THREE new songs we’ve been learning.  The boys in the band have been working very hard sorting out the arrangement and getting it all down pat ready for Marj returning from her holidays and the band had it’s first run-out of the new songs as a band and they’re sounding great.

So what have you got to look forward to?  Well, here’s a wee teaser for you.  We’ve been getting asked for ages if we do any Frankie Miller and to be honest, we all love him, it was just deciding what song to do.  We didn’t want to do the same as all the other bands out there.  So we’ve chosen a right cracker that, to our knowledge, no other band is covering.  On top of that, we’ve added another Lizzy stomper to our set and a soaring, passionate U2 tune .  We’ll hopefully be running one or more of these out at our next gig, which incidentally (as the title says) is in the legendary Sammy Dows.

Now as you probably know, Sammy’s isn’t the biggest of venues and no room for dancing, but it is an iconic venue on the Glasgow scene and we’re really looking forward to it.  So, polish up your black wings and get yerselves down to support the Craws on Friday.

Hope to see you there!